Too Pretty Not To Post

As I sat here sifting though recent photos this morning, I came across some that I took on a day where I clearly had time for picture taking but not for picture posting.  It seemed a shame to file them away unseen and unshared, so I decided to give them their moment to shine; and so as not to hurt their feelings (their egos are fragile!) I’ll just present them in alphabetical order! And just for fun, I’ll include an interesting tidbit or two about each of them.

Fun and fascinating, these LOUD little birds mate for life, stay in the same location
year round, and include snake-skins in their list of nest building supplies.
Oh, and did I mention they are LOUD?

A fan favorite because of the brilliant, bold blues of the male,
these birds work together to assemble a nest.  The male brings
the materials and the female designs the masterpiece.
Don’t let their beauty fool you, these birds are bossy!

Prolific songsters, the male Mockingbird has about 200 songs in
his repertoire; but don’t be deceived by their cheerful chirping,
these birds are fiercely territorial and are quick to
go into attack mode.

These birds have tongues that extend about two inches
past the end of their beaks.  They’re not trying to use poor manners
when they stick them out, they’re just spearing food.  What’s really
fascinating is that when they retract their tongues they wrap
them around their skulls.  How creepy but cool is that?!

Considered the most common and widespread of the Warblers,
these little birds with the lemony highlights are lovingly
referred to as “Butter-Butts” because of the patch of yellow
feathers on their rear.  They often spend more time patrolling
the feeders than they do partaking of the food.

And now, I feel better having let them put their splendor on display.  Besides, one can never get enough beauty, or enough mindless trivia for that matter!

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