Another Peanut Packer

Typically, when I post about a backyard peanut packer, it’s the Blue Jay who has the starring role…like this fellow…

But the Jays aren’t the only one with a preference for Planters.  Chipmunks are also nut lovers and will sit and feast until their chubby cheeks are bulging.

Despite their destructive tendencies (and the way they taunt poor Tucker!) I find them irresistibly cute.

And what do they do when they have finished one peanut?  Why start on another of course!

By the way…I am still loving my new lens…from feathers to fur to feisty little fingers, I love the details it captures.

19 thoughts on “Another Peanut Packer

  1. I love the chipmunks too & try to keep their cheeks chubby & chunky with peanuts, raisins & sunflower seeds. After dinner they dart back under the high fence into the neighbor’s yard where they must be carrying on their destructive tendencies. ha!

  2. Beautiful captures Kathy! We laugh here how our “bird” feeders feed birds and squirrels and chipmunks and even turkeys and we don’t have the heart to deter them all. Lol.

  3. When I hear the word “Chipmunk” my ears already start to hurt. That horrid cartoon has spoiled these lovable creatures for me! But your lovely photos might just help me heal, Kathy.

  4. Benjamin is thrilled with the photos : “It’s my Chippy the Chipmunk”! We have new wee ones that live in the stone and rock wall in my backyard. Benjamin spends many happy moments perched in the kitchen sink watching them from the window. They and the squirrels scamper about to and from a tree trunk feeder that we put peanuts and seeds on just for them. There was a hawk flying around the yard this morning and Benjamin kept saying : “Hide chipmunks hide!” These photos are absolutely the “bestest” per Benjamin and I agree. Enlarged, they are amazing. Your new lens is the bestest too! Thank-you x 2!!

    1. They are such fun. My daughter and I once got distracted watching them and trying to come up with names for them that all had the word “chip” in them…hence, we had chocolate chip, chip’s a hoy, chipper jones (Braves player)….you get the picture!

  5. I have never seen a live chipmunk…they are so cute and I wish I could see one. That bluejay certainly likes having a mouth full. You amaze me at the fabulous photos you capture of the birds at your place. I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos. Hugs

  6. We have many squirrels around here, but no chipmunks, so I feel cheated. They should feel lucky to have shelled peanuts. I give the squirrels and birds peanuts in the shell, but they do get Hampton Farms unsalted, jumbo size. These critters cut into our respective “allowances” but they are well worth it.

      1. Ha ha – I take treats to the critters at the Park and tell people I go through so many peanuts that I could claim the squirrels as dependents for income tax purposes. I see it as entertainment as well. They provide many a smile.

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