Gobble, Grab, and Go

If my backyard bird buffet had a fast-food name it could easily be called “The Gobble, Grab, and Go”!

Birds show up to gobble up some food…

…grab some to take with them…

…and then off they go.

Come to think of it, I think my house could have had this same title when my son was still a teenager!

9 thoughts on “Gobble, Grab, and Go

  1. Very very cool photos. I get all of those too, though I’d be shooting through the living room (dirty) windows. Good idea with the peanut butter on tree branches….is that straight peanut butter or something else? I saw a hunting camo tent thing a few weeks ago that I thought would work great for getting bird photos. And I have lots of trees away from the house that would work….might be fun to build a photography blind and bird sanctuary in my back yard! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. The stuff that looks like peanut butter is called Bark Butter – sold at Wild Birds Unlimited.
      And you should give the hunting tent a try. Sounds like fun!

  2. PS: I saw a small flock of mail eastern bluebirds at Katie’s park a couple of days ago, drinking water from a puddle on a frozen but melting pond. Way too far away for image grabbing, but I was thrilled just to see them.

  3. My husband got me a song birds wall calendar for Christmas. The January bird is a Cardinal. Your photos always look like they could be in a calendar! So well done… Happy New Year Kathy! 😃

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