Corona Cuisine

In these days where Corona is creating chaos and disrupting our typical routines, dining out has been temporarily relegated to drive-through services or curb side delivery.

This grab-and-go mentality is nothing new to my backyard birds.
Many of them have been  enjoying the quick and convenient food supply offered by the peanut pole for quite some time.

Others are regulars at the trunk side pick up that the Dogwood tree makes available.

Although I hate the hardships that this virus has created and will be glad when it is no longer a threat, I am enjoying the extra moments that I have had to sit on my deck with camera in hand.

Stay well – and Happy Easter!


9 thoughts on “Corona Cuisine

  1. Wonderful as always. I am enjoying my backyard birds more too, though mostly from inside the house. I will have to get them used to me being out on the deck when it gets warmer!

  2. Your bird pictures are as colorful as Easter eggs, and you have a big variety of lovely free-loaders visiting every day. I ran out of sunflower seeds, and my great neighbors are grocery shopping for my human food, but I do have hummingbird feeders that I’ve filled. Hopefully, those ruby-throats will find my yard this week. May your EASTER weekend be HAPPY!

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