Hummingbird Happiness

The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have been enjoying our front yard trumpet vine, and I have been enjoying their enjoyment!

This fellow darted back and forth grabbing quick nips of nectar.

The blossoms were wet from the sprinkler, and after one of his head dives into a flower, he came back shaking the water droplets off like a wet dog.

But he was not to be deterred. He just reared back and dove right back in!

B the way, you can tell this one is a male because of the coloring around the throat – which, depending on how the light hits, is sometimes black, sometimes deep rust, and sometimes a gleaming ruby red – hence the name! Also, the tail feathers on the male are more pointed, whereas the female’s are more rounded.

Below is a female. You can see how creamy-white her neck is.

Getting these fast flyers in focus for a clear shot is a fun challenge, and also a good excuse to go outside and stand in the garden, soaking up the beauty of the birds and blossoms.

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