Who Needs Netflix?

My backyard is overflowing with juvenile Blue Jays!

These youngsters have been nudged from the nest, and are so much fun to watch as they discover the world. They are extremely curious and not the least bit shy.

Though quickly growing in independence, they are still not above some feather-flapping-food-begging when an adult is in the vicinity.

They haven’t quite mastered the fine art of rail landing…

…but they are quickly becoming proficient at peanut pecking…

…and peanut popping!

They definitely have taken a linking to Bark Butter!

There is one trio of youngsters that often show up together that discovered the joy of the backyard waterfall together. First one ventured in…

…followed by a second.

The third Jay was a bit hesitant and watched for awhile from the edge…

…but eventually couldn’t resist the allure of the water and before long had joined in the action.

These youngsters have been a constant source of entertainment. I mean, seriously, who needs Netflix when you have a backyard full of juvenile Jays?

6 thoughts on “Who Needs Netflix?

  1. Agreed wholeheartedly, Kathy! Who needs make-believe entertainment when the natural world overflows with the real thing. Stunning photographs too.

  2. We have some young jays too. Yesterday we were watching as one was trying to fly up from the deck floor, and he couldn’t figure out how to fly through the railing. He floundered around for a good while and then landed, sort of awkwardly, on the rail top. He shook that off and watched an adult jay enjoying lunch at the feeder, and then followed the adult off somewhere. Maybe the adult shared with him. Who knows. We felt bad that we laughed at his antics. But not that bad. 🙂

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