Delighting in the Distance

When I go out to take bird pictures, I typically stand on my back deck and wait to see who will show up and linger long enough for a photo. Of course, I try to make the environment enticing by having perches available and a plentiful supply of food, but not everyone takes the bait.

Often, there are birds that I would love to snap a picture of that simply aren’t coming all that close. I think this is what I am loving the most about my new camera body – the ability to take pictures of birds that are opting to keep their distance and still get pretty clear shots.

For example, this Yellow-rumped Warbler was perched on a twiggy tree branch about twenty to thirty feet away…

…as was this Common Grackle.

Eastern Phoebe’s typically eat insects instead of feeder food, so I am thrilled that I have gotten several pictures of these beauties as they scan the area for juicy bugs to munch.

This male bluebird was having a blast, soaking and splashing in a ground level birdbath on the far side of the yard.

And this Hairy Woodpecker (another that rarely comes to the feeder when I am out with my camera) started off in my neighbor’s yard…

…and then flew to the large Oak at the far edge of my backyard.

Yes, being able to take pictures at a greater distance is definitely a delight!

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  1. Enjoying these amazing photos as peaceful place during these disturbing times. Thanks for sharing Kathy!

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