Banshee Blue Jays

The Blue Jays were scarce in my backyard during the summer and fall months, but now they are back with a vengeance!

Not swift and silent, nor known to be ninja-like, they swoop down with a banshee cry, raucously announcing their arrival. Then they greedily grab the grub, all the while keeping an eye out for competitors.

It’s always incredible (and rather mind-boggling) to watch them scoop up peanut…

…after peanut…

…after peanut…

…after peanut…

…after peanut.

They fill up their beaks in a hurry…

…and then off they fly in a flurry!

These guys will even squawk, loudly, to let me know that the feeders need refilling. And I, their pawn and puppet, happily supply them with more peanuts!

There’s no doubt that these Blue Jays are demanding…

…but I must confess that I find them thoroughly delightful!

7 thoughts on “Banshee Blue Jays

  1. I have what I call ‘the merry band of five bullies’ here. Honestly, there might be more than 5. They arrive almost instantly when I put food out. They take all the peanuts. I try to hide some for my little birds. They swoop in and everyone else, except the red-bellied woodpeckers, take to the trees to wait for them to finish and leave. They ARE beautiful tough.

    1. Mine aren’t my biggest bullies. They are loud, but not so fierce. My Robin is the aggressive one. He is always on alert, ready to chase away the Bluebirds and the Mockingbirds.

  2. What a wonderful series of images of the beautiful Blue Jay!

    We have one which can perfectly mimic the cry of a Red-shouldered Hawk. When the birds scoot out of the feeders he has it all to himself.

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