Circus Sniper

If ever I am in need of a new job, I think I would qualify to be a circus sniper…if such a thing existed!

You see, I have been practicing taking pictures of birds that are perched a little farther away than usual, which often requires me doing rather acrobatic, contortionist type maneuvers to get a clear shot – circus skills for sure!

These Bluebirds (the first two are male and the third is a female) were obscured behind a tangle of twigs, which meant that I had to bend and twist and lean (and pray that I wouldn’t tip over!) to get an unobstructed picture.

This Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (a rare visitor to my backyard) landed for a brief moment on a close Dogwood…

…and then flew to a tree in my neighbor’s yard. Isn’t his camouflage incredible!

He is a bit skittish, so I had to use my sniper skills, to focus in and fire off some shots – carefully aiming my red dot at this unsuspecting fellow!

So, with these mad skills I am acquiring, if ever I disappear from the blogosphere, I’ve either joined Cirque de Soleil, or “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

7 thoughts on “Circus Sniper

  1. The shots are wonderful and your last sentence totally cracked me up. I am happy that I am generally taking photos on my own, because I too end up in some crazy positions in my efforts to get clear shots of some of my bird subjects.

  2. I love the light on your bluebirds! I usually only see them on my heated birdbath in winter. I think they’re around the yard though, sometimes I see a flash of that brilliant blue. Your shots are amazing, as usual.

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