Hawk Squawk

While hubby was wheelbarrowing mulch the other day (courtesy of the three large trees we sadly had to remove) he called me and told me to bring my camera out as there was a Red-shouldered Hawk perched in our neighbor’s tree.

I heard said Hawk before I ever saw him as this fellow (it honestly could have been a gal) was LOUD!

He would squawk, then look around…

then squawk, and look around…

and just go ahead and put that on repeat!

Although it would have been lovely to imagine that he was simply serenading the mulch moving process, he was really calling out to a mate (or potential mate) that was echoing back his cries.

This fellow was quite a handsome Hawk.

I love the detail you can see when cropping in closer!

It seems that there are a lot more Hawks in the neighborhood this year, which I don’t mind in the least.

Although I’m always thankful for the chance to take pictures of them, I am glad that they haven’t chosen to nest in my backyard as that would definitely reduce the variety of birds that get to make an appearance in these posts!

5 thoughts on “Hawk Squawk

  1. Yep, the are pretty amazing birds, so much detail in those feathers! We have one that attacks our birdfeeder about once a month. Makes me cringe but then again I like photographing them, so…

    I’m in Alabama right now. Today is sunny. There are bluebirds flitting around the yard. Yesterday was sleet and wind and cold, I didn’t see birds. But I’m hoping the sun continues and I can sit on the deck and see what I can see.

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