True to the Title

I am totally enamored with the little Blue-gray Gnatcatchers that have arrived in my backyard!

These tiny, twitchy, talkative songbirds were a rarity at my old house, but they seem to like the abundance of trees and insects my new yard offers.

They show up in this area when breeding season rolls around, and the male sits in the treetops and sings to attract a sweetheart. Their main song sounds like a nasal crickety chirp – the kind that would be the perfect fit if birds sang in Bluegrass bands!

They are hard to get pictures of as they tend to rustle in and out of the overhead leaves, then dart out to snare a tasty treat. With the abundance of gnats that swarm around my backyard, I am happy to report that they are already proving to be true to their title!

Now that I know to keep an eye out for them, I am hoping to get many more pictures in the days ahead! These little birds are absolutely delightful!

5 thoughts on “True to the Title

  1. I’ll be on the look-out for this little bird (seen clearly in these great photos) as we have lots of gnats here by the Reed Creek. But as the leaves come out more each day, it will get harder to see busy little birds. Our most visible bird neighbor these days is the Song Sparrow singing its full throaty song to me everytime I step out on the front porch.

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