Bossy Little Beauties!

One of the blessings of having a lot of Pine Trees in the backyard is having a lot of Pine Warblers who visit them.

These little lovelies have a song that is loud and melodious.

Their appearance, with its various shades of sunshine, is absolutely beautiful.

They look and sound so sweet that you would think they would be mild-mannered and well-behaved; but alas, appearances can be deceiving! These bossy little beauties are actually quite territorial and are quick to chase other birds away from whatever space they have claimed. I have to laugh when I see a blur of blue flying from the feeders with a splash of yellow right behind it. Right now the Bluebirds seem to be their main adversaries, but when the Yellow-rumped Warblers arrive for the winter, they’ll wage war on them as well!

While I wish my un-neighborly backyard birds would behave in a way that would make Mr. Rogers happy, I have to admit that their antics and their beauty always put a smile on my face!

One thought on “Bossy Little Beauties!

  1. This summer for a couple days I had a yellow warble visit my deck. He fit right in and got along fine with everyone. I don’t think I’ve seen this little one around my house.

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