Backyard Busyness

The backyard birds have not been coming to the feeders as frequently lately – I think because the weather has been mild and the bugs have been plentiful. But last night the temps dipped below freezing and today the backyard was busy!

The Bluebirds were the first to arrive…

…followed by the Blue Jays – one of my favorite birds to photograph. Their bold colors are rivaled only by their even bolder personalities!

And it wasn’t only birds of blue that showed up. There were Titmice in their subtle greys…

…and Nuthatches with their crisp black and white.

And a whole host of sunshiny Pine Warblers!

I love it when the backyard is busy! Here’s hoping for the colder weather to continue!

2 thoughts on “Backyard Busyness

  1. I might also endure the cold if the reward was so beautiful! Alas, I am a summer person and don’t do well in the cold. Especially not sub-zero…

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