Thirty-Bird Challenge: Arrival Announcement

Some of my backyard birds slip in almost silently when they arrive – the Blue Jay is NOT one of them!

This bird (coming in at #21 on the list) perches in the treetops and loudly announces its arrival before swooping in to load up on food.

When I first moved here the Jays weren’t showing up very often, but now that they have discovered a reliable supply of peanuts, they are appearing on a regular basis.

Blue Jays are one of my absolute favorites to photograph. I’m not sure if its because of their exceptional beauty or their borderline bad behavior, but I so enjoy taking their picture.

I know they have a reputation for being on the bossy side, and are known to intimidate other birds with their hawk-like cry (which I just heard outside the window as I am typing these words!), but I just can’t help but love them! They’ll always have a seat at my table!

3 thoughts on “Thirty-Bird Challenge: Arrival Announcement

  1. I love them too. We have a group of them that I call “The Band of Five.” They totally dominate the feeders when they swoop in, except for the female red bellied woodpecker who tells them all a thing or two and then they wait for her to vacate her feeder.

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