The Alleviation of Angst

The crazy weather we had in Georgia this past winter took a toll on my butterfly bushes, leaving many of them brittle, barren, and with no signs of life. This was starting to cause me a wee bit of angst since I was seeing butterflies flitting about and wanted them to have some good nectar to enjoy. I also wanted them to have pretty places to pose that would look good in a picture, so my angst wasn’t altogether altruistic!

Well, as is his habit, hubby came to the rescue and remedied the situation by making a quick trip to Pike Nursery where he picked up two butterfly bushes with deep purple blossoms. He planted them, watered them, and in less than an hour this beautiful Gulf Fritillary was enjoying them.

It’s always a bit of a thrill to get my first butterfly shots of the season. Here’s hoping this beauty is the first of many to enjoy these blossoms.

5 thoughts on “The Alleviation of Angst

  1. What a sweet hubby! Our buddleias here in New England die to the ground every winter, so are cut back and by mid-summer are back in full glory. Don’t give up on yours. 🙂

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