A Backyard Hairytale

Most fairytales have happily-ever-after endings, but sadly, that is not always the case when it comes to hairytales!

For example, this fair maiden (a female Hairy Woodpecker) was exploring the area, probably searching for Bark Butter…

…when in swooped this eager male in not so subtle pursuit!

Whether it’s because she found his approach overly aggressive or his funky head feathers unattractive, she shunned his advances and quickly flew off…

…leaving him all by his lonesome.

Still, who knows, perhaps she is just playing hard to get and will end up succumbing to the charms of this persistent prince of a fellow. I’ll keep ya posted!

3 thoughts on “A Backyard Hairytale

  1. Just gorgeous ! Amazing birds. Thank you for taking the photos ! I love all the spots and the beautiful wings.

  2. Love it. We have a pair of hairy woodpeckers that first arrived last summer. They love the feeder I bought based on your recommendation it’s their favorite. I had to take it down for awhile because it was also a raccoon’s favorite. When it’s down we don’t see the hairy woodpeckers. But they’re right back when I put it back up.

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