Residents And Tourists


Friendly, fearless, and fun to watch – the Brown-headed Nuthatch is a full-time resident here in North Georgia. This little bird really is a favorite of mine, even if he does keep me running to the store to buy more peanuts!



While I was taking this fellow’s photo the other day (he strikes a nice pose, don’t you think?) I happened to glance over at the ginormous oak beside my deck and saw a small bird spiraling up the tree trunk, probing its beak under the edges of the bark.


It was a Brown Creeper, a touristy type of bird that likes to spend its winter in the warmer weather. These small birds, about the size of a Carolina Wren, are fascinating to watch. They start at the base of a tree and then circle their way up, using their hook-like beak to pry insects from beneath the bark. Once they have reached a certain point, they fly back down to the bottom and start over again.

When I saw my first Brown Creeper two years ago (doesn’t that sound like some sort of Scooby Doo villain?) I named him “Georgie.” I’m not really sure where the name came from; I think it had something to do with “It’s A Wonderful Life.” At any rate, when this little guy made his appearance I greeted him by name. Please don’t tell me how weird that is!


Although he is a fair weathered feathered friend, I hope he stays around for awhile.

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  1. We had a brown creeper on our crab apple tree Christmas day. 🙂 Love your photos of the brown-headed nuthatch. That is one I don’t get to see in my neck of the woods!

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