Back To The Bathroom

Another rainy day here in Georgia, which could only mean one thing for me – back to the bathroom!  If you happened to read my previous post, you’ll know that the last time it rained I turned my bathroom window into a makeshift bird blind.  Today, I was hoggin’ the stall once again.

Despite the drizzle (which was a rather lovely spring shower) there was quite a bit of activity in the backyard.  Some birds came for food, while others seemed content to sit on the branches and let their feathers get a gentle soaking.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are several that showed up.

Carolina Chickadee


Red-bellied Woodpecker (male)
(This particular fellow always has one section of
red sticking up on his head!)



Brown-headed Nuthatch


Northern Cardinal (male)
(Sorry the first photo has an intrusive twig – I’m not much
for post processing pictures)




Eastern Bluebird (male)


Red-winged Blackbird (male)
(The red on his wing is not displayed because
there was no one to fight with or flirt with!)


Yellow-rumped Warbler
(Poor fellow is getting soaked, but he doesn’t seem to mind)



 All in all, another lovely afternoon spent in the bathroom!




10 thoughts on “Back To The Bathroom

  1. I think you should patent your “Bathroom Bird Blind” idea! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the first red-winged blackbird hereabouts because for me that is the one reliable sign that Spring has finally come. Probably at least another month to go, though.

    1. Our Red-winged Blackbirds started showing up a week or so ago. To me, it sounds like they sit in the branches and say, “Over heeere.” Out of curiosity, where is home for you?

      1. I’m in a suburb of NYC, so we’re Zone 7; in a normal winter we are 7b, but lately it’s been more like between 6b and 7a! The redwing sounds like “oh-ka-LEEEE” to me but that’s probably because I read Peterson at an early age, LOL

  2. It has to be such a joy to live somewhere where you can see all these amazing birds. The woodpecker has my heart today, though as always they all are beautiful.❀

    1. It’s funny. We live in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, but the builder of our neighborhood left a lot of large trees, so we get a nice amount of birds. I am so thankful for that. 🙂

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