Goodbye Butter-butts and Farewell Waxwings

Spring has arrived, which means it is just about time to say goodbye to a couple of my favorite backyard birds – the Yellow-rumped Warblers and the Cedar Waxwings.  These guys will soon be heading to their summer homes, but as of yesterday they were still darting about in the backyard, so I took the opportunity to snap some photos and savor a bit more time admiring their beauty.

Here’s the Warbler…




…and here’s the Waxwing.



I will miss having them around, but their departure means it’s almost time for the arrival of baby Bluebirds.  Always something to look forward to!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Butter-butts and Farewell Waxwings

      1. I saw an Indigo Bunting today in one of my feeders. He saw me move and then flew into a tree. I had to go into the kitchen to finish something, came back in about 3 minutes but he was gone. Last year they passed through on their migration path. It was around the 20th of April last year when I first saw them. Then the next day I saw a Blue Grosbeak. They hung around a few days. I really enjoyed seeing them and hope to see them again. I would love to see them stay a little while longer.

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