Ballet At Berry

This Mute Swan and Canada Goose made their debut in my previous post, but I simply had to add a few more photos of them.


I met this duo several days ago when I stopped by Berry College for a brief visit with my daughter, who is finishing up her freshman year. The two of us took advantage of the sunny afternoon and drove up to the lake on the mountain campus to stroll around.  As we walked, we were treated to an impromptu performance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.




This unlikely pair of performers (swans and geese typically don’t get along so well) put on quite a show.  They drifted along, side by side, their movements seemingly synchronized.  The swan was especially graceful, with its elegant neck, dipping and bending in different directions – adagio at its finest!

I have to say, it was by far the best ballet I have ever seen!


And the star of the show (let’s go ahead and call the swan “Odette”) makes a final curtain call…


13 thoughts on “Ballet At Berry

  1. It’s remarkable to see these two swimming along together so gracefully – such a lovely scene in this beautiful setting. I really felt like I was at the ballet~

  2. Such lovely photos! I got tundra swans and Canadian geese together over the weekend, but they weren’t doing ballet. 🙂 They did seem to be getting along quite well, though.

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