Rodent Rage!

Road rage is not uncommon here in Atlanta.
When 75 and 85 merge into one mighty force, filled with fourteen lanes of darting drivers, each determined to get ahead only to find themselves staring at yet another bumper blocking their way…well…let’s just say things can get a bit crazy.

Although I am not one who is prone to road rage, I have been known to display a bit of rodent rage!


These bushy-tailed seed stealers pluck my every last nerve!  I have hissed at them, chased them while waving my arms like a mad woman, and even had my husband ping them in the booty with our Daisy Buck BB Gun.  And still they stare at me, refusing to budge.


On occasion, I have tried scaring them off with my ever alert, super energetic squirrel chaser, but that never quite turns out the way I’d imagined.  This noble beast lounges more than he lunges!


I have to confess, squirrels are fun to photograph; but when they sit on the rail and scarf up all the sunflower seeds, they make me want to scream.


And when they pilfer the peanuts that are the favorite fare of my Blue Jays and Nuthatches…

blue jay


… I erupt in a full blown display of rodent rage.

I’m thankful that our squirrel proof feeders keep some of the seed safe from their thievery (as does mixing in a bit of Texas Pete hotter than hot sauce!), but overall, I’m pretty sure I’m fighting a losing battle.  Doesn’t he look like he’s smirking at me?


Ah well, you know what they say, “If you can’t beat ‘em, blog about ‘em!”



13 thoughts on “Rodent Rage!

  1. Ok, with your permission, I’ll be drawing these too! We keep them off our feeders, but I love squirrels and chipmunks. These are great shots! (I’d love a video of you hissing and waving your arms, lol!!)

    1. It blesses me to think that something God blessed me with is then used to bless somebody else (that was a lot of blessing in that sentence!). However, no video will be coming anytime soon! I make enough of a fool of myself without providing additional proof!

  2. Your squirrel photos are fabulous! Yet, I understand your frustration about them. A friend of mine at the lake used to trap them and move them to another location further away. It was kind of a loosing battle. More squirrels would appear to eat from her feeders. One time she painted the toenails with colored polish to see if this squirrel came back. I don’t think this one did. LOL!

  3. Such great photos!!! Thanks for sharing them! I´ll paint/draw one of your birds today for it´s “Draw-A-Bird-Day”. 😊 So glad I got to know your blog thanks to createarteverday!

  4. Oh he is smirking, Kathy; have no doubt about that. 😉

    There was once a squirrel at my former house who was so inventive, persistent, and ingenious that I named him Macguyver. There was NOTHING that this squirrel could not get his paws on if he set his mind to it. I actually wrote a poem inspired by him; haven’t thought about that in years, thanks! 

  5. This post made me laugh out loud because I’ve often wondered what my neighbors think when I go flying out the door screaming like a banshee, waving my arms at the squirrels!! LOL I won’t admit how we deal with them here, it’s certainly not PC. 😉

    1. Yes…someone requested that I post a video of my squirrel chasing antics…I’m thinking some things are better left to the imagination! 🙂

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