Blue Jay Bait

This afternoon, I put a handful of peanuts in a wooden dish, and then set the dish on a log stand in the backyard.  Voila…Blue Jay bait!


It didn’t take long for my first visitor to arrive.


He perched on the edge of the dish and proceeded to do his best Kobayashi impression – with peanuts instead of hotdogs, or course!
And just out of curiosity, am I the only one who gags watching those competitions?



A second Blue Jay stopped by about ten minutes later.  He too surveyed the scene…


…and then packed his pouch with peanuts before flying off to the tree-tops.


In all fairness, if I gave an award to the greediest backyard gorger, the Blue Jays would only be runners up; the clear winner would be Chubby Cheeks, who spent most of the day happily indulging in birdseed.



15 thoughts on “Blue Jay Bait

  1. Chubby Cheeks is quite cute! I do the same thing with sunflower seeds, setting them out in a couple spots for the cardinals. It doesn’t take them long to start gobbling on them. The bluejays, though, often come along and steal some! Great pictures.

    1. He is cute, isn’t he? It’s funny…I give him a free pass, but chase the squirrels like a mad woman! I guess cuteness has its perks! 🙂

  2. Good ones! The blue jays come looking for peanuts on our deck. I wish I could keep the squirrels away a bit longer. Nice photos!

    1. I had seen them lurking about, so I figured they would be quick to show up. Seems like they have a built in peanut detection system. 🙂

  3. LOL at “Chubby Cheeks”! 🙂 I have to confess that despite their boorish behavior and bad table manners, I do love blue jays. I wonder if I’d be as fond of them if they were, say, brown…. 😉

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