Frack Is Back

Frick and Frack, so dubbed by my blogging friend The Chatsworth Lady, are the two young Mockingbirds that showed up in my backyard several days ago. (They made their debut in the “Before Dinner W(h)ine” post.)  Well, late yesterday afternoon, one returned and braved the Bark Butter branch all on its own.  I’m claiming it was Frack because rhyming is fun!

I had just freshened up the water dishes when Frack landed on the deck rail, striking a definite “Toddlers and Tiaras” pose.


Before continuing, I MUST add a disclaimer – I have NEVER watched that show.  Even the commercials make me cringe!  My taste runs more toward Fixer Upper, Undercover Boss, and whatever Atlanta sports team is playing on television.

Frack only stayed on the rail for a single click of the camera, then she (I have to go with “she” after the tiara comment) quickly flew over to the branch that I have bungee-corded to the deck and began searching for food.



After gobbling up a bit of Bark Butter, she moved about the limb, exploring and nibbling at food here and there.



She seemed in no hurry to leave…well…no hurry, that is, until she glanced up and saw who was waiting in the wings…


…then Flack, clearly quite wise for her age, gave the branch over to the Brown Thrasher.


The early bird might get the worm, but the bigger bird tends to get the Bark Butter!

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