Before Dinner W(h)ine

I was pouring myself a glass of ‘before dinner’ wine this afternoon, when another whine captured my attention – the distinct clamor of a baby bird. Leaving my half filled glass of Chardonnay on the counter, I picked up my camera and snuck out onto the deck just in time to see this baby Mockingbird land on the Dogwood branch.


A second youngster landed a couple of feet away on the same limb.


As Mom gathered food from the feeders, the two moved closer together and anxiously awaited her return.




She fed the less demanding one first…


…and then came back with a beakful of Bark Butter for the other.


Trip after trip, she deposited globs of food into wide open beaks.


When Mom decided feeding time was over, she flew off to the edge of the yard, with one of the fledglings following right away. The other stayed behind and squawked for more food before deciding that maybe it was wisest to follow Mom.


These are the first babies I have been able to get pictures of this season…hopefully they are the first of many!

11 thoughts on “Before Dinner W(h)ine

  1. Wow! Your photos are amazing! I like how you were able to capture them all on the branch. The baby with its mouth wide open looks like its extra hungry. 😊 Cheers! 🍷

  2. Great shots! I love them all! I hope you’ll have many more chances to photograph them, and hopefully other babies as well. Spring is ‘baby-boom season’ indeed 😀

  3. I love mockingbirds, they’re among my very favorites for both their vocal abilities and personality! I have a feeling that “Frick and Frack” are going to provide even more photo ops for you. 🙂

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