Bee Happy

“Bee” happy…


Be “Glad”….


“Hum” a joyful tune…


See the beauty of the blossoms, so glorious in June!


Yep…that was pretty cheesy…but I couldn’t resist sharing the silly rhyme that was bouncing around in my brain as I sifted through today’s photos.Ā  Perhaps I have a future at Hallmark. šŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Bee Happy

  1. Beautiful shots, I ope to see the red or yellow one in a photo contest or 2016 calendar.

  2. I think you certainly do! Or better yet, have your own line of cards (inside and “out”). Seriously, have you ever considered doing that? perhaps on a venue like Etsy? There’s an entire category for ‘photo greeting cards’…

  3. Stunning! What a bee-utiful bright spot in my otherwise fairly dull day!! I can never see gladiolas without thinking of my mother (who passed away in 1997) – they were here birth-month flower and my dad often stopped on his way home from work and bought a bouquet of them for her. So, not only did you lovely photos brighten my day, they also brought back a good memory. šŸ™‚ (And I rather liked the poem, too.)

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