More Butterfly Beauty

I think my favorite thing to photograph this summer has not been the birds or the blooms, but the butterflies. I went for a walk this morning and saw several of these beauties enjoying my neighbor’s Lantana.  Like this female Tiger Swallowtail – isn’t she breathtaking? swallowtail1 swallowtail2 swallowtail3 You can tell she is a female because the male lacks the patches of blue. swallowtail4 swallowtail5 swallowtail6 I thought this second butterfly was a Black Swallowtail, but I was mistaken.  Turns out it too is a female Tiger Swallowtail – only the black morph version. swallowtail7 swallowtail8 swallowtail9 swallowtail10 This Silver-spotted Skipper (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it is) was also flitting about.  If you click on the picture to see the larger version, you can see its curled up proboscis, which is like a straw it uses to suck up nectar. skipper1 Here it is with the Swallowtail so you can see the size difference. skipper2 I’m so thankful I have neighbors that don’t seem to mind me stalking about their yards with my camera!

17 thoughts on “More Butterfly Beauty

  1. Wow! Oh, I love these!! Oh my gosh, Kathy! I was going to say you’re tempting me to draw them, but I don’t think I’d be able to stop at ink. I’d have to get that yellow and blue somehow, some way (and not even sure I could really get the drawing accurate). Would def. be a challenge, but a worthwhile one. These are amazing shots, and would be a joy to try and capture on paper. Woo. I keep thinking I’m reading a magazine every time I go to your site!

  2. I really enjoyed your photos! I did not know that the female Swallowtail had blue on its wings! And I did not know there was a black one. WOW! So amazing! 😊

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