A Busy Day At The Backyard Buffet

After I filled up the feeders this afternoon, I decided to sit outside on the deck for awhile and enjoy a little peace and quiet.  Well…I did enjoy myself…but I can’t say that it was very quiet!

Right away, a male Red-bellied Woodpecker arrived with his youngster right behind him.  He scooped up a bountiful beakful of Bark Butter and fed it to his noisy “little” one, who already looks larger than Dad!




A young goldfinch was chattering away in the tree tops, then swooped down to get a drink.


This Brown-headed Nuthatch chirped and chirped as he pecked at the peanut feeder.


I heard this male Pine Warbler singing his warbly tune long before he landed.  I love that his feet have yellow to match his feathers.  How cool is that?


His female counterpart also stopped in for a visit.  Her beauty is far more subtle, but no less breathtaking.


This juvenile Blue Jay squawked obnoxiously at me from the Dogwood tree.  I’m pretty sure he wanted me to leave, but eventually his appetite exceeded his fear and he braved a bite to eat at the Bark Butter branch.


You would think that perhaps the Hummingbirds would be silent, but if you’ve ever been around them, you know that’s not true.  They are loud little buggers when they are defending their food source!


I think the quietest bird of the day was this Brown Thrasher, who didn’t make a sound as he helped himself to an afternoon meal.  Must be the strong, silent type!


All in all, a busy (and noisy!) day at the Backyard Buffet.

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  1. I was once pleasantly surprised by a brown thrasher staring at me from my deck railing…beautiful birds.
    And now I have a request…I’d like to use one of your photos as a reference for Draw-a-Bird day. So many good ones to choose from! (K.)

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