Feathers, Foliage, and the Colors of Fall

The sky has been overcast for the past several days, punctuated with frequent splatters of rain.  Normally I am not a fan of wet weather (at least not if it lasts very long) but right now the beauty of autumn is bursting against such a dreary backdrop.  I love how even the feathers of the birds seem to blend with the colors of fall.

Take for example this robust Robin.  Doesn’t he look rather pumpkin-ish?

American Robin


And when you look at this scattering of leaves…


you can see the golden tones of a Pine Warbler…

Pine Warbler

…and the hues of a House Finch…

house finch
House Finch

…and the colors of a Cardinal too.

Northern Cardinal

And tell me, doesn’t this Carolina Wren look just like an acorn with wings?

carolina wren
Carolina Wren


I guess there is beauty to be found even on the dreariest of days!

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