Horrifying or Mesmerizing?

Yesterday, I posted pictures of a lovely spider that’s been hanging around in my front yard.  I woke up this morning wondering if she would be available for another photo shoot.  Now I realize that yesterday I called her a he, but I have decided that he is really a she…and I have dubbed her “Harriett.”  The reason for the change is that the females are bigger than the males, and I simply don’t want to think that there might be an even larger mate lurking about.

Only the remnants of her previous web remained, but when I glanced over my head, I saw an amazing new web stretched along the side of the Cyprus, and there sat Harriett, right in the center.  I’m pretty sure she moved up higher to gain a bit of privacy from the paparazzi.

This time, her underside was facing me, which is not quite as cool as her furry top side, but still rather interesting.


The raindrops gave her web quite the decorative touch.  I guess that’s one benefit to this persistent drizzle that has been lingering in the area!


At one point, as I was zooming in, she began to move about, which then prompted me to move also!


I took a couple of shots from a side angle too.  I love how there are droplets on her legs.  Again, creepy but cool.


I honestly can’t decide if I find Miss Harriett horrifying or mesmerizing.  I am leaning toward the latter since I obviously can’t seem to stay away from her!

I’d love to assure you that this will be the last spider post for awhile…but if the forecast is for more rain and a new web awaits in the morning…well…I make no promises!

18 thoughts on “Horrifying or Mesmerizing?

  1. Memorizing for sure! I dislike them in my home, but anywhere else they’re pretty awesome. nice photos!

  2. If you blow on or disturb the web, I have noticed these spiders will “jump” back and forth on the web and make is wobble for a few minutes.

    1. That is probably what she is doing; she seemed like she was tapping the web with her front legs. But if she ever really “jumps” you will hear me scream in your neck of the woods.

  3. Hello Kathy,
    I admit, I also have an innate fear of spiders. But, Harriett is very mesmerizing indeed! I’m really enjoying these series of her. Much respect to the brave & skilled photographer 🙂 ❤

    1. The brave and skilled photographer would shriek and slam a shoe on her if Harriett ever made her way into the house! But I am enjoying her in the great outdoors. 🙂

    1. It was fun to experiment with the shots. Wish I could have gotten a little closer to her. I ended up standing on a chair in the flowerbed and praying I wouldn’t tip over so I could take these pictures. Once again, I’m sure the neighbors were wearing their quizzical expressions. 🙂

      1. What we photographers will do for a good shot… 🙂 Your pictures seem to be proof that it was worth it, though. Let the neighbors wonder! Long live photographers! 🙂

  4. I vote for mesmerizing! She has a nice fur and long legs….I’m sure a beauty in the spider world. And she’s a hard worker 🙂

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