Too Cute To Keep To Myself

I was sitting here during lunch, sorting through some pictures from the last several days and I came across this fellow. He was just too cute not to share!


It seems like my Blue Jay pictures always show them with a beak full of peanuts, so it was nice to get a photo where he doesn’t look like such a greedy gobbler!


21 thoughts on “Too Cute To Keep To Myself

  1. Definitely too cute not to share. I don’t often think of blue jays as “Sweet,” but his picture has “sweet” written all over it.

  2. that is the sweetest shot I’ve ever seen of a blue jay! You’ve caught him looking very sweet and charming :

  3. Our blue jays just love the whole peanuts, shell and all! Some actually try to swallow them whole so they can have yet another one ! We also put out grape jelly for the orioles, and noticed one jay sitting on the fence watching the oriole eat, and decided he’d like to indulge!

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