Booger’s Got A Brother!

Remember Booger?  The young Bluebird that has been a constant fixture at my feeders ever since he left the nest?


Well, I am pleased to announce that Booger has a brother!  Mom and Dad (whom Booger still hangs out with) emerged from the nest earlier this week with a new baby tagging along.


Poor Dad has been the main mealworm provider.  He runs himself ragged gathering food, and at times looks like he is fed up with the whole baby feeding routine.

dad1 bluebirds1

Whenever Dad heads out to fill his beak with a fresh load of food, the new sibling (who honestly could be a sister and not a brother – I just always call them “he’s” instead of “she’s” when I’m not sure!) waits in the wings.  Sometimes the little one waits patiently…


…and sometimes he waits noisily…


…but one thing’s for sure – he gets quite animated whenever Dad returns.


Lately, Dad seems to be trying a new time and energy conserving approach – the mass mealworm delivery technique – which might just save him a trip or two.



Meanwhile, Booger is left to fend for himself; but as long as I keep the mealworms coming, he doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

booger2 booger3I never get tired of watching baby Bluebirds – but I’m sure glad I’m not the one who has to feed them!

25 thoughts on “Booger’s Got A Brother!

    1. And now another Bluebird family has arrived with three or four young ones…not sure where they came from…I guess word gets around about the mealworm supply!

  1. Booger’s brother is also cute! Love the story and wonderfully captured photographs!

  2. Aww, “Little Booger” is adorable! I love how they are such characters 🙂 Happy to see Booger is doing well. Papa and Mama must be so tired!

  3. Oh my goodness, your photos are so entertaining and really capture the character of these birds. Thanks for the smiles!

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