The Beauty Of Diversity

When I go outside and stand in my backyard, I have the blessing of being surrounded by a colorful variety of birds.

I see Blue Jays with their brilliant mixture of clouds and sky, and Red-bellied Woodpeckers boasting bold reds and checkerboard designs.



I see Brown Thrashers robed in rich creams and coppers, and Mockingbirds garbed in subtler shades of gray.

thrasher mockingbird

And I see Nuthatches with their blacks and whites woven seamlessly together in a pattern of perfection.


I look at these birds and think there are lessons to be learned, for surely God loves diversity.

13 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Diversity

  1. Yes Kathy God is the God of Unity with Diversity, which is how family, church and community works. It is the very heart of God to give each creation it’s very own unique expression but only to make up an important piece in the jigsaw of community life, so that each one of His Creatures has an important contribution and is loved.

  2. Love your post, Kathy!!! Wonderful pictures – as always – and a beautiful message. I wish there would be more people realizing it! Have a wonderful weekend!!! 🌞

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