Magnificent Seven

I keep seeing previews for the movie The Magnificent Seven, which is set to open in theaters this weekend.

I confess, the clips do capture my attention, but not nearly as much as the magnificent seven that showed up in my backyard over the weekend.  Here, for your viewing pleasure, are seven birds that stopped by for a visit.

Blue Jay
Carolina Chickadee
Brown Thrasher
Carolina Wren
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Brown-headed Nuthatch
Northern Cardinal

Hey – if anyone does see the movie, let me know if it’s worth a watch.  Until then, I’ll probably just stick with my backyard birds. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Magnificent Seven

  1. Aww! I first time saw brown headed Nuthach I know only white one with bluish gray color. Thanks for sharing! All are awesome!

  2. That’s a cheeky looking woodpecker! Yes, the movie…a western from days of yore with gunslingers and shoot-em-up-bang-bangs and the usual cast of characters; a bit of fun for a little while, but, I do agree your seven certainly were worth the wait!

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