My Favorite Shade Of Blue

When I was a kid, I love love loved the Crayola 64 pack of crayons – the one with the built in sharpener on the back!  I can still remember some of the original shades of blue: turquoise, sky blue, cornflower, aquamarine, midnight blue…yet despite my affection for this selection, they were missing my favorite shade of blue…which might best be called “mating season male bluebird blue.”

This fellow has been showing up for the past several weeks, with his feathers looking their absolute finest.

Mating season is upon us, and he has been doing all he can think of to capture the attention of one particular female.  He has serenaded her with sweet, warbly songs that he sings without even opening his beak.

He has brought her gifts of food.

And he has done a funny little dance where he twirls first one wing in a circle…

…and then twirls his other wing in a circle.  It is cute and comical at the same time!

He seems to be getting rather agitated, which makes me suspect that she has not yet surrendered her feminine favors.  Still, I have a feeling she will soon acquiesce; I mean, not only is he handsome, but he also seems the reflective sort…

…the kind prone to striking pensive poses.

I mean, just look at this fellow!  Have you ever seen such a bold, beautiful shade of blue?
I think Crayola might have missed the mark on this one!

I understand that “mating season male bluebird blue” might have been a bit too long to fit on the label, but they could have opted for “woo-the-woman blue” or “bye bye bachelorhood blue.”  They really may want to consider this for a future color – I’m just sayin’!

Oh…and if you ever want to get me a gift…the 64 pack would still make me smile!

29 thoughts on “My Favorite Shade Of Blue

  1. You could make a blue lover out of me too mr bluebird. And I already bought one of those crayons boxes for my 3 month old granddaughter. Lol. Just waiting in the art room for her to get big enough to want to color instead of set them. 😉

  2. When I was a little girl, long ago – long before the sharpener in the box, the 64 crayon box was a brand new thing, & it made me ecstatic to open my Christmas gift & see so many many “gorgeousty” colors. I adored Sky Blue, but Prussian Blue was my most “favoritey” of all. Now, as an artist, I would choose cobalt, which with dab of white mixed in would produce Mr. Bluebird Blue, I believe. Thank you for the wonderful post & photographs of that most gorgeousty of avian fellows.

    1. I got my first box in the late sixties, and Prussian Blue had become Midnight Blue – which was my favorite color. That and the maize crayon always wore out first for me!

  3. Thanks for posting one of my favourite American birds again, I love your beautiful pics, and so close up also. God has a beautiful colour sense with blue and gold together, such a handsome bird.

      1. Hehe, thought you’d get a kick out of that 💗 I’m posting to Instagram pretty frequently and will link back to you here if I use any of your images as reference. Just love your birdies!!

          1. I’ve been painting abstractly but not really drawing till recently, when I realized if you don’t use it, you really do lose it. So, back to daily drawing again so I can start recognizing the faces I draw lol. 💙 Your bluebirds always inspire me with their human like expressions.

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