If you live near a Race Trac gas station you’ve probably heard of Sodapalooza, a summer event where a limited supply of plastic cups are sold, which are then refillable with fountain drinks for the rest of the season.

Having heard that the coveted cups were available, hubby and I stopped by four different locations on our way to spend Saturday morning canoeing in the Chestatee River.  The first three stops were already sold out, but the last still had a couple dozen left.  Now, it’s not like we couldn’t live without one of these brightly colored beverage containers, but acquiring one of the cups has become a bit of a craze, so the quest to find one (okay, two!) added to the adventure of the day.

Meanwhile, in my own backyard (though not yet quite as popular as Sodapalooza) an event we’ll call Soakapalooza was taking place.  This male Towhee, who could care less about sipping a fountain drink, showed up and took great delight in sitting and soaking in the fountain.

His feather colors are lovely, but it’s that red eye that really stands out!

Who knows, maybe in time this will become a seasonal craze as well!




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11 Responses to Soakapalooza

  1. lulu says:

    Our fountain is a favorite bathing place for birds and I get such a kick out of watching their antics.

  2. Jodi says:

    what a beauty that towhee is!!!!

  3. Sue says:

    That red eye is stunning!

  4. I would stop to watch the birds any day rather than chase that drink container Kathy, he is gorgeous.

  5. Oh oh! I got to clean my binoculars & change my glasses I have spotted Towhee’s in my yard in N.E.Tennessee and passed them off as strange robins. I should have gotten the Large Print Audubon field manual book 🤓

  6. Trail Walker says:

    I love the towhees and look forward to seeing them every spring. Love your bathing towhee.

  7. I love your bird pictures.

  8. The towhee is beautiful! Wish we had them in my area. Very rare for me!

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