Let’s Call Him “Rowdy”

Each spring, I have a tendency to name the first baby bird of the season, and this year is no exception.

The baby Mockingbird that has been hanging out in the front yard Cypress is now flitting about from tree to tree, and in true fresh-from-the nest fashion, he has been exercising his lungs in full force.  Loud, demanding, and a bit unruly – Rowdy seems a perfect fit!

This afternoon, in between rain showers, (while I was in the kitchen with the front door closed!) I heard this little guy calling for food with gusto.  I grabbed my camera and walked outside and found him perched on the front feeder hook.

Now, don’t let his sweet expression fool you; he momentarily quieted down when he saw me.  Normally, he looks ( and sounds) much more like the picture below!

This little fellow was impatiently waiting for his parents to return with food.

It was clear when he saw them en route because he went from a mere squawking stance to a ready to receive food stance.

And sure enough, seconds later Momma arrived with a beakful of Bark Butter.

Then she took off…

…and left Junior watching and waiting and temporarily quiet.

Here’s the funny thing…even as I type these words I hear Rowdy in the front yard, loud enough to be found guilty of disturbing the peace.  There is clearly no rest for the weary parents of baby birds!

22 thoughts on “Let’s Call Him “Rowdy”

  1. Thanks to Pam I’ve discovered you and your fabulous backyard. And what a rowdy moment I have arrived to, love it. Fabulous photographs

    1. So glad you stopped by and got to meet Rowdy. I’ve no doubt he will hog the spotlight of several posts!
      And thanks to Pam for the intro. 🙂

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