A Dinner Prey-er

Just as I was about to load up my dinner plate the other evening and offer up a quick prayer of thanks, I happened to glance out the window and saw a different sort of dinner prey-er show up!

Leaving the sweet potato unbuttered and the dogs impatiently waiting for their Kongs, I snatched up my camera and fired off a few shots.

I wish I could have stepped outside without him flying away, but alas, I had to settle for taking pictures through the window, choosing to overlook the glass glare and the smudges. Hey – you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit, right?
Besides, isn’t he absolutely gorgeous?

I’m thinking he had seen this fellow…

…and this fellow perch in this place…

…and must have decided it was a good spot to grab some grub!

He carefully looked over the yard in one direction, and then turned his attention to the other side.

I’m not sure my backyard birds were quite as ecstatic about his presence as I was, but I certainly enjoyed his visit.  Now, if only I could teach him to like Bark Butter!

21 thoughts on “A Dinner Prey-er

  1. Coopers Hawk, I think. Hawks are beautiful and they too have to eat, but hope he found a mouse instead of a bird.

  2. Beautiful! I’ve had then visit and nest on my property. I love them but my regular birds don’t. I always know when one is around because the yard goes eerily quiet and still. Alas, my visitors never got the taste for bark butter either. If we could just get them to have one taste…..

  3. We have his cousin or some relatives at our farm. They’re so majestic perched atop anything. I’ve only witnessed one snatch and grab and that was enough for me. I’ve also seen flocks of birds run them away. That’s a pretty noisy aerobatic show. I like your pictures. Your windows look pretty clean to me. I use that same method with some I don’t want the public to see. Especially the dog nose on the windows ones.

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