Disturbing The Peace

This morning, as I sat pajama-clad in my comfy chair, sipping my coffee and reading my Bible, my carefully guarded quietness was interrupted by the sound of obnoxious squawking.

It was one of my juvie Jays (who made his debut in yesterday’s post) wondering why his breakfast wasn’t ready and waiting.  Rather than scurrying to meet his demands (toddler training 101- don’t give in to whining!) I did my best to ignore him for awhile.  When I finally did venture out to fill the feeders, he was waiting, wearing his “Well, where the heck were you?” expression.


He is quickly becoming comfortable with my presence, probably because he knows that I am the hand that feeds him.



He was in no hurry to leave the deck rail and took his time investigating the feeding trays.



In the picture below, you can see his throat bulging out a bit as he already has that peanut packing instinct down pat.


Once he had eaten his fill, he dropped down to the rocks by the waterfall fountain and contemplated getting a drink.


A group of Red-winged Blackbirds let him know that he wasn’t welcome, so he flew over to the birdbath and helped himself to some fresh water there.


He hasn’t yet grown into his full handsomeness, but he is still a beautiful bird.  And I have a feeling I’ll be hearing from him again come breakfast time.


17 thoughts on “Disturbing The Peace

  1. Great shots, Kathy! Do you find the blue jays to be bullies around the other birds in your backyard? The others all seem to get along so well and take turns except for them. They are getting a little better ( I think )…….. maybe as there are so many others now.

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