A Bit Like Hitchcock

When I walked outside to get the mail yesterday, the leaves of my neighbor’s Dogwood were rustling furiously and an eerie squawking filled the air.  It was all rather

Turns out it was merely a flock of Robins greedily stripping berries from the branches.  Their frenzied movements made picture taking a wee bit challenging, but here are several shots to at least give you an idea of the scene.


All over the tree, Robins were plucking plump red berries (dare I say, blood red berries?) and popping them in their mouths.


Sometimes all I could see were the clusters of leaves shaking, and then suddenly another bird would appear.  I was surprised at how they could eat one berry after another, swallowing each one whole.


Usually they would gobble their food right where they found it, but occasionally they would fly off to dine elsewhere.


They truly were fascinating to watch.


And although Alfred never made an appearance (but wouldn’t it have been Hitchcock-ian if he had!) I’m sure he would have been pleased by the berry picking performance of “The Birds.”

photo courtesy of google images.

11 thoughts on “A Bit Like Hitchcock

  1. Wowsie! Look at those robins. Oh dear – I painted one tomorrow for #Draw A Bird Day – and it is not too good….. sharing anyway! You should draw one for tomorrow with us Kathy! C’mon!!! 🙂

  2. Lovely pics and story Kathy, it is always amusing when one sees the bush seemingly moving on its own accord. This happens to me when a family of Fairy-wrens get into a small bush. They are very small and brown and hidden inside the bush, but the bush vibrates with life seemingly unassisted. It always sparks an amusing chuckle to watch them deinsecting the bush.

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