A Visit From Her Majesty

This gorgeous Monarch Butterfly paid a recent visit to our Butterfly Bush.
I know they are suppose to be fairly common, but it was my first time seeing one with a camera in hand, so I was thrilled.


The royal name is fitting for this lovely creature as her beauty is truly majestic.

monarch2 monarch3

This one was more interested in feasting than in basking, so she kept her wings close together most of the time.  The only opportunity I had to get a picture of the top side of her wings (like the one below) was when I could catch her in the midst of a wing flutter or coming in for a landing on a blossom – hence the blur!


I find their colors and markings stunning, but their legs are a little creepy!


You would think that the bright colors would make these butterflies easy prey, but they have a pretty cool method of self-protection – they feed on milkweed, which contains toxins that don’t harm the Monarch but that make it unappealing to predators hoping for a tasty treat.

monarch5 monarch7

I am having a blast taking pictures of the butterflies this summer.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I go outside and see one flitting about the flowers.


18 thoughts on “A Visit From Her Majesty

      1. So cool. Maybe she is just sniffing and checking it out. They encourage us to plant patches of milkweed for them as it is being eradicated by herbicides. It isn’t going to happen in my yard due to pollen allergies. I really enjoy the pictures, though, and they don’t make me sneeze. Ha

  1. These are stunning shots, Kathy! Ok, I may try these. Monarchs are probably my favorite. I did have a go at your last butterfly post but I will email you as I wasn’t happy with the result. I was in a WC dry spell lol. But these are gorgeous!!

  2. This is my first year with a butterfly bush and I have been so absolutely thrilled to have these lovely creatures visiting that hubby came home from Home Depot yesterday with another one to plant! The man spoils me. 🙂

  3. I love your butterfly photos, Kathy! 💕💖 I pay more attention when I see one flying around now. I didn’t know that the bodies of the Monarch had spots on it like the wings. Truly amazing!! 😍

    1. Thanks! It has been so much fun for me to have them coming to my front yard. Lantana and a Butterfly Bush have made for a whole new world of photography!

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